The village of Mazotos is built at a distance of 20 kilometres south westerly from the city of Larnaca on the coastal plain having, an average altitude of 35 meters. The landscape of the village has a general bent towards the sea. The altitude starts from 80 meters in the north westerly side of the village falling to an altitude of 35 meters near the settlement and it is decreased progressively towards the sea, which washes its southern side.

Here they cultivated the vines (for wine and for table use), citrus fruits, olives, carobs, various species of vegetables (artichokes, tomatoes, cucumbers, watermelons, pumpkins and okras) and fig trees. The village of Mazotos is served with a very good transportation network. The name of the village emanates from the plant “Mazin” and implies, the region was full of the wild Cypriot flora.

The chapel of Virgin Mary of Petountas found near the sea, was built on the ruins of the city during the Roman years. During the last few years, tourism has developed as people have discovered the beauties of the community and have decided to live permanently there.

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