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Why take a viewing trip?

There is no need to use multiple agents when visiting Cyprus. A purchase in Cyprus is very different to buying in the UK and a reputable licensed agent can accommodate all your requirements and needs.

Why only through Emerald Property Consultants – Cyprus - Trust - this is the most important thing about choosing a company to help with your search - A viewing trip is a chance to meet the team and previous buyers - the trip is about finding out if Cyprus is right for you and Emerald Property Consultants – Cyprus your choice as your exclusive agent.

What will we do for you?

Establish Why

Retirement, Relocation, Holiday home or Investment.

Establish Where

Let us use our experience to help you find the perfect area.


Show you the way, shortlist properties that suit your requirements and budget. No need to register on any other website, just take the code number and let us do the work, avoid running from agent to agent. With 25 years of legal and financial experience you can be ensured you are in good hands.

After Sales Team

They will ensure the build or delivery of your property is stress free, moving home is one of the top 3 of stressful things you can do, let Emerald Property Consultants – Cyprus help you.

Let us do the work we are trained to do

  • Assess Requirements
  • Search & shortlist in accordance with requirements
  • Care and co-ordinate
  • Oversee the buying process

The Viewing Trip


So you do not feel under any obligation to buy. Trust is required on both parts from Emerald Property Consultants – Cyprus and you. We give you 100% of our time and commitment and need to know you are interested


  1. Up to one week’s accommodation for up to 4 people.
  2. Cyprus airport transfers.
  3. Consultation with our Sales Consultants to assess needs and requirements, often done before arrival. Approval of shortlist.
  4. Site and property viewings.
  5. Consultation for any questions on legal, financial and mortgages.
  6. Bank account opening.
  7. Free consultation with solicitor.

We ask for 3 dedicated days of your time.

c) No need to see any other agents or developers - Why?

  1. We are completely independent.
  2. We have over 15 years experience with ALL Developers and can advise on their properties - Remember a developer can only show their own properties, we can search all other developers and the resale market.
  3. With our experience we have agreements in place with 90% of other agents on a shared agreement thus we can search their resales, our resales and all developers. Let us do the work.

Don't forget to bring Passport, Driving license and Utility bill to Cyprus with you on your trip

We agree to the terms & conditions that apply to the viewing trip

Terms & Conditions

  1. Maximum of 2 - 4 persons.
  2. Minimum stay - 3 days.
  3. Maximum stay - 7 days.
  4. Any reservation fee paid towards the purchase of the property is non refundable.
  5. Viewing trips are booked into complimentary private accommodation - extra days booked after 7 days are chargeable at a discounted daily rate of €30 per day, if available. Viewing Trips in August are not Available.
  6. Emerald Property Consultants – Cyprus are not responsible for flight arrangements.
  7. It is the responsibility of the client to inform Emerald Property Consultants – Cyprus about correct flight details for purposes of airport transfers and accommodation. Copy of passports and proof of address in UK (utility bill) is required before accommodation can be booked. A cancellation fee of €150 will be invoiced if cancelled after booking has been made.
  8. Clients are responsible for their compliance with all immigration, passport, visa and other travel regulations to their visit to Cyprus. (copy of medical insurance required)
  9. Emerald Property Consultants – Cyprus are not responsible for nor liable for the actions of any third party supplier of travel, accommodation or entertainment services of for the performance of those services.
  10. Clients are exclusive to Emerald Property Consultants – Cyprus and do-not need to register elsewhere. Just supply reference numbers for Emerald Property Consultants – Cyprus to provide viewing shortlist. If client buys elsewhere in Cyprus the full cost of the viewing trip will be chargeable at €50 Euros per day.


Name/surname/email/telephone number/address/departure date/return date & all passport numbers of attendees.

* Subject to availability
* We have the right to refuse the request of a viewing trip

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